DAC Entry Form
DAC Contests  2019

Step one: circle your dates!

Feb. 23  
Gardena H.S. gym (Season Opener) 

Mar. 9 Gardena H.S. gym (Preview of Champions)

Mar. 23 Gardena H.S. gym (Quarter-Finals)

Apr. 6  Gardena H.S. gym (Semi-Finals)

May 4   
Gardena H.S. gym (State Championship Finals)

Please circle the dates you are attending above!

Step two: circle your drumline type!

Please circle one of the following: (the judges will also help make this decision)

1. Marching Drumline (any Drumline that changes its' basic formation)

2. Standstill Drumline Div. I & Div. II (at least 2 snares, 2 tenors, 3 basses etc.)

3. Standstill Drumline Div. III (less than 2 snares, 2 tenors, 3 basses etc.) 

4. Combo Drumline (If you wish your line to perform standstill (Feb. & March) added to marching (April & May). The additional entry fee will be $100.) Or perform twice at any 2 or 3 shows.

5. Junior Drumline Division (Junior High/MS/Elementary etc.)

6. Large Ensemble (any amount of players)

7. Small Ensemble (up to 9 players, one per part, see guidelines)

Please circle your drumline division above!

Total season fee for one drumline : $500. 

Total season fee for combo drumline : $600. 

$600 is the total entry fee for the season for the combined division title.
To clarify further: this is for a line wishing to compete in standstill at the first 2 shows (either or both) and marching at the last 3 shows (all or one show).
The highest Standstill score and the May Marching score will be added together for the special Combined Sweepstakes. It must be the same music & same performers.

For all types of drumlines, entry fee is for the whole season. You may enter as many shows as you wish.

Please try to enter at least 2 shows before the Championships. Your 2

highest scores will accumulate toward the May sweepstakes in each division.

Remind your parents that a $8 fee is charged to all parents. (Your boosters

can write a check for the parents and/or reimburse them if you desire.) This

keeps our entry fees low.

Note to all drumlines: If there is a specific circumstance that limits your performance time to either AM or PM, please list the reason (e.g. parade) and circle appropriate date. Otherwise, you will be placed in your appropriate division time based on your skill level.

Step three: Fill out your information below!

School name: 




Band Director's name & cell-phone(or voice mail)


Band Director's e-mail address:


Drum instructor's name & cell-phone(or voice mail)


Drum instructor’s e-mail address:


Remember: Drum lines: Perform 4 - 8 minutes. Solos etc. : 1 1/2- 2 minutes

Individual Solos, Duets, Trios, Quartets: (On separate sheet) Please write name, school, instrument (snare, multi-tenor, bass, keyboard, timpani, drum set, duets, trios, quartets) and show date. $20 per solo, $40 per duet, $60 per trio, $80 per quartet. A pair of sticks is given to each performer. Also medals are given to the winner(s) in each category.

All solos, duets, trios, quartets are 1&1/2 - 2 minutes. (these solos are offered at the first 2 shows only)

Now, just print out the form and mail with your check to address below. Thanks! You are now in DAC!

make check to:                                      

Michael Ellerby/DAC
33775 Copper Lantern
Dana Point, CA 92629    
            msellerby@cox.net      949.493.5108
                                                                             youtube:    Michael T Ellerby

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3 step process:

1. Circle the dates you are attending.

2. Circle the type of drumline you are.

​3. Fill out your information (address etc.)

That's it.  Just mail it in with your check & you are in DAC!